"Their flexibility and experience across many different cultures means
I can trust them with delicate situations in complete confidence."

Jillian Lavender, Publisher, Financial News Group, London.


People may turn to coaching for any number of reasons: they may feel the need for additional support in relation to a big life event or a new role at work, they may have been less successful in their life or career than they had hoped and want to improve the situation, or they may be beginning to experience feelings of stress and being unable to cope with the challenges of an increasingly complex life.

The beauty of coaching by an experienced person is that it is tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual: it can be used as a tool to get support in managing difficult situations, to get ideas and input about a project or change process, or simply as a safe place in which to download thoughts and get a fresh perspective.

However an individual chooses to use coaching, they will always be sure of discretion, respect and full support from an experienced GDN Associate.
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Our focus for 2017 so far has been on helping organisations manage transitions: re-defining leadership and corporate cultures to meet the needs of businesses in the new political and economic climate; developing new approaches to the products and services businesses provide to their customers; embracing change while maintaining balance.
To support this we have been working with the agile framework 'Scrum' and now have certified Scrum Masters in our network.
In addition, the Juggling for Life team of coaches is expanding with a new group of trainees active since May of this year.
Juggling for Life

Juggling for Life
techniques help
you organise
and prioritise
your life,
relieving stress
and allowing you to
regain control over your
time and how you spend it.

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The Juggling for Life methodology is the basis of
a certification programme for those wishing to develop
their coaching skills. For
more information go to the certification site
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